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About Us

Our vineyards

Our vineyards are located in the Valle de Uco, Mendoza, at an altitude of 1.100 meters above the sea level. Our soil is calcareous, sandy on the surface and stony in depth. This type of soil, typical of the Gualtallary area where our vineyards are located, soils of natural low yields and high concentration. The continental climate and the height allows a high temperature range between day and night, which means that the skin of the grapes is widened to protect them, being the skin the main key of the flavors that can be distinguished in our wines. In line with our commitment to the environment, the entire plantation has a drip irrigation system.

Don Juan Vineyard

It is located at 1,078m and has a total area of 47.5 hectares, 40 of which are in production. The entire vineyard has a drip irrigation system with mineral water from the thaw. The “terroir” is sandy on the surface with presence of stony material where the roots go to look for the nutrients. The Malbec plots are found in a calcareous soil, typical of the Gualtallary region. It is a desert area due to the low rainfall and rather cold, thus it produces grapes with a high poly-phenolic content, which are the chemical substances that give the main flavors and aromas to the wines.

El Cañadon Vineyard

Located side by side of the Don Juan vineyard, the plantation which originally had fruit trees, was transformed to complete our portfolio. Today it produces Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. It has 31.5 hectares in total of which 16.3 are in production. The entire vineyard is planted in low trellis and has a drip irrigation system with mineral water.

“Chica” Vineyard

The name comes from the Spanish word for “small”. Located on the other side of route 89, a few meters from the Don Juan plantation, at an altitude of 1,105 m. It has 7 hectares in total, of which 3 are in production with Cabernet Franc, irrigated by melted water from the icy mountains. This vineyard has a unique view of the Tupungato volcano. During the summer the sun sets just above the volcano, the yellow orange and red colors evoke an eruption. A fascinating landscape, a nature’s gift, especially if it is enjoyed with a glass of Los Noques.


Our winery was built in 1938, near the village of La Consulta, Valle de Uco, by a visionary winemaker. Unlike other wineries built at that time, ours was developed in a French style, with small concrete vases, and underground cellars that are 4 meters deep, where our wines mature in barrels and bottles with natural cool and humid weather.

After being acquired by our family in 2005, we converted part of the winery, incorporating small stainless steel tanks that help us in our research and development processes. We also added the best available technology in order to ensure maximum quality throughout the production process.

We process the grapes that we receive in 18 kg cases, through a double process of selection of clusters and grapes. Then, using cubes of 300 kg we carefully deposit them in the vases or stainless steel tanks, minimizing the use of pumps, to ensure that the grains reach almost intact.

The temperature control allows us to perform cold maceration and fermentation in a controlled manner, achieving maximum homogeneity and stability in our wines.

We keep up with all the technological advances and continue investing and adapting the winery to our needs. Today we are capable of producing up to 700,000 liters per year.


The begining of our family in the Wine World


Our family started in the wine business at the beginning of the 60s, in a small vineyard located at Gualtallary, Valle de Uco, Mendoza. Don Juan Arrigoni, planted the first vines with the conviction that one day, his wines would travel around the world.

“El Cañadon” Vineyard


In 1995, in order to continue expanding the growth of the production of different strains, Carlos Leone, current President of the firm, made an important investment plan in order to reconvert the vineyards and acquired the vineyard “El Cañadon``. It owes its name to an old canyon which borders it on the north side.

Chica Vineyard


Later in the year 2001, we added to our vineyards a small vineyard ``La finca Chica``, of 7 hectares strategically located at the exit of the town of Tupungato.

The Winery


In 2005, we added our winery to our project. It was constructed in 1938 with a French style and located in La Consulta, also within the Uco Valley.



In 2007, we made our first production of four Bonarda french new oak barrels from the Parcel 9, which had been planted by Don Juan Arrigoni in the 1960s.

National Marketing and Exportation

2014 to 2017

In 2014 we began to market our wines in Argentina. In 2016 we made the first export to the USA and during 2017 we started exporting to Europe.


“In a world where the pace of life accelerates, we need an anchor that restores our inner peace to reflect on what is really important … the friendship, the love, the uniqueness of each person. We need to give us back our time, time to contemplate, to read, to travel, to dream or just to admire a painting, a landscape, or enjoy a good wine. Time to free the senses, feelings, sensations. “ “Los Noques” humbly want to bring this perspective since it is part of our daily life philosophy and we transmit all wines created by our people.