The “Noques”, is the given name for the small containers usually made of leather or wood, that were used at the beginning of the XVI century to transport grapes, wine, olives and olive oil. We have chosen the name since it represents the work and the passion that, as in the past, our people put today in each wine.

Los Noques come from our own vineyards. Our production is small, just over one bottle per plant. When working on the sorting table, the hands darken until they are almost black, especially with some varieties such as Malbec and Bonarda. Due to this concentration and the passage through the barrel, we let the wines rest approximately 3 years in the bottle to achieve an ideal natural evolution for consumption.

Not every year we have production of all the types of grapes. Sometimes the weather conditions in our farms are not adequate to maintain the style and quality of our wines and therefore we do not release this vintage to the market. Examples of this are 2011, 2014 and 2016.

All our bottles are numbered and the vintages are limited. Each year we obtain a quantity of bottles that make the total of the vintage with grapes that exclusively come from our vineyard and is processed in our winery at La Consulta. These characteristics give our wines the status of “Single Vineyard” and “State Bottled”. The total production in 2019 is 5 thousand 9 liters cases.

Our concern for the environment is present in each action we take. In the winery we implemented an irrigation system based on the recycled water we decant in settling basins that comes from the daily operations.

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